Monday, August 13, 2012

Heartbreaking Return...

Farrah had her first spell in almost 5 months yesterday :( Her poor body seized up so fast when she wasn't aloud to go outside, she quickly turned limp and blacked out for a good 10 minutes... my heart hurts from seeing her like that, she has gone so long without one. Today she is miserable as she always is after a spell. I feel so bad for my poor baby and feel so much anger towards the doctors who say it is normal and there is nothing we can do about it. seriously, NORMAL???? last time I checked watching a toddler pass out, stop breathing, having a seizure, blacking out..... YEA NOT NORMAL! atleast it's not normal in my book. I pray for all the parents experiecing these spells for the first time, the first is always the hardest. So for all the parents out there with children that have health problems or not, here is the song I listened to after being tolled Farrah was a alpha-1 MZ carrier on top of being born with a extra reflex that was the cause of her spells...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Essential Oils Story.

My video for doTERRA is done! and I am finally sharing it with the world.
If you have any questions about essential oils please contact me.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stress Relief

This past week came with a lot of stress, so we decided to let loose a little and just have a blast! It worked great and we are all now very exhausted from a very fun weekend!! So we are smiling for many things today, this is good because we did not post a smile last week.

Thursday Farrah was in the Steel Days baby contest. Although she did not win, it was a well spent $15 to watch her dance on the table in front of the judges. Farrah could not stop smiling the hole time and when she was given a sucker and baloon she gave a gentle "Thank You". Seeing her be so confident was another eye opener of how far Farrah has come in the past 4 months :)
This was Farrah practicing her hot dog dance before we left to the contest. The white circle is her special hot dog dance pad. (hot dog dance comes from mickey mouse clubhouse)

This is after she had performed for the judges and recied a balloon and a sucker :) I am so proud of her!!

On Friday we spent the day hanging out with Kobe and Farrahs cousins OzAleigha and Robby. It was tons of fun having them with us for the day, we played dress up, made lunch, ran through sprinklers, took baths, wrestled with Marcus, colored, and watched movies!!

Kobe and Ozzie playing in Marcus's shoes :)
I dont have any pictures but Friday night Marcus and I went to seven peaks to their night event with Jimmy Chunga. We had a blast going down water slides in the dark (free fall...AHH!), saving eachother in the wave pool lol, doing a rop swing for the first time, and dancing :) we ended the night with going to see the Dark Night Rises although it was sad having to be checked by police officers before entering the theater it was a really good movie!

Saturday morning Kobe ran in her first race!!!! This was a very exciting event due to the fact I have always been a runner, xcountry and track along with my brothers. I ran along side with her cheering her on as she sprinted down every street not walking once! when she tripped and scraped her knees she jumped up and ran full force to the finish line :) Kobe recieved a metal from her daddy as he crossed the finish line and a 4th place trophie in her age division :) The smile on her face everytime she shows someone her trophie says it all.

Kobe woke up early to watch the runners in the 5k run by our house. She was thrilled when eveyone started waving and saying good morning to her, she clapped for everyone that ran by :)

This was Kobe after recieving her award!!

We then went to the parade where the girls got LOADS of candy, flyers, and toothbrushes. Farrah had a blast running after a float that was blowing a large amount of bubbles :) Kobe loved all the dancers and cheerleaders and the highlight of the parade for her was breaking a board with her palm as a karate trailer came by!

The girls had a blast riding the rides at the carnival but were disapointed in our short appearance there due to the fact Marcus and I can not stand the carnival and all the nasty things it exsposes our girls too. With Farrahs lungs all the secondhand smoke was just TOO much!

Steel Days fireworks will always be the BEST!! Kobe made a million friends as always and to our suprise Farrah even joined her. After the show was over and we were cleaning up we looked around and did not see Kobe after yelling "KOBE" 2 times we heard some ladies asking a little girl if her name was kobe and heard them reply to us with "there is a little girl over here giving everyone hugs and saying goodbye" HAHAHA thats all we had to hear to know that was our daughter. She then gave all her new friends a glow stick as they were leaving :)

Kobe gave grandma Kim her princess crown to wear for the fireworks :)

Saturday was my dads birthday and monday in my moms birthday so today we had a birthday party for them both. We were in charge of the cake... although I did not make and decorate this one everyone was amused with the candles we chose.

Happy Birthday Dad and Mom!!

Farrah was our entertainment for the night as she sprayed everyone with a spray bottle I use to do their hair with. She would aim at one of us and spray as hard as she could!! What she did not realize is we were not getting wet, she was! The only way she can spray it is with her thumbs wich means it has to be facing her... this was too funny!! Her face was dripping wet with a huge smile the entire time!

Farrah aiming to spray her uncle Jason but really soaking herself in the process :)

After an eventful week it is nice to come home to an awesome kitty who loves to cuddle!!

Sweetest boy ever is our Vance!!

I am so glad we have so many things to smile for today!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Smiling for Sunshine!

Today we are smiling for sunshine! So we are out playing in the sprinklers :) I think we can also say we are grateful for cleaner air with all the smoke from the fires clearing up!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Smiling for Vance & Service Animals Everywhere!

We enjoy having Vance in our family so much! He is such a wonderful kitty :)
We made the decision to add Vance to our family when we were on our way home from California. I loved the moment Marcus threw his wallet on my lap and said "just do it! Call and buy him!" haha! We found and bought him from and purchasing this beautiful kitten was based on more then just giving Marcus a boy in a house ran by girls :)
We researched and searched for the perfect cat for months after we found out the power a cat had over Farrah. Ragdoll cats are often used as therapy/service animals because of their calm and loving nature. So it was decided that we would buy a full bred male ragdoll.
One of the best decisions we have made!!!
Vance has been the best kitten ever since we picked him up from the airport when he was 12 weeks old. He immediately fit right in and amazed us with how brilliant he was and still is. At the moment he is being clicker trained and learning to sit, lay, rollover, touch, stand, jump, etc. He will soon be a certified therapy animal and be allowed to visit hospitals and rest homes for patients to enjoy his company :)
We love Vance and are very grateful for him!
Now... Heres a picture overload :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ohhh just life...

Well, I have finally had enough of Farrah's baba addiction! As hard as it is to take it away from her I'm doing it, no more excuses! I'm starting by only giving her water in it, which goes along with the fact that she drinks a very large amount of milk during the day :/
The tantrums so far have been livable but she never quits. Unfortunately her breath holding spells have trained her to be a champion crier!
But not only am I just giving her water I am putting a drop of lemon essential oil in her first bottle/cup of the day :) I am also doing the lemon water for Kobe, it is something I would like to teach them to do for life because of its many benefits!

So besides all these little hurtles we are making we have decided to teach the girls about service. Every week The girls are doing a service for someone or something. Luckily we have found many cute ideas on pinterest :) to add to that my girls are starting "The Smile Project" this idea came to me when Farrah's spells and crying fits were at their worst and anything that made her smile I suddenly became very grateful for! So every Sunday the girls will post about something they are smiling for :) I am also considering making a "The Smile Project" Facebook page. So you might also be able to follow them on there! I am so excited to see what my girls young minds are going to share with the world :)

And since I'm obsessed with pictures here's one of my growing fashionista!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Farrah continues to be a trouble child with bad luck.
I have always been super careful where medications are left and kept but it seems with using melatonin every night the bottle was left out. Farrah and Kobe were playing under the table while I sat working on something with them at my feet. Well... It wasn't long before Farrah came to me with white powdery looking stuff on her face and figures. So I did a quick search under the table there I found a empty melatonin bottle with its purple lid laying next to it. We estimated she ate about 7, thank goodness the bottle was almost empty and I found three slightly sucked on pills laying on the floor. With a quick call to poison control I was told she will be fine they have had kids her age take up to 75mg and be fine and Farrah only took 21mg. She is currently asleep on the couch I'm betting that we will have some midnight adventures tonight ;)

Here's some pictures of her current state. LOL